About Us

Getting married? Throwing a party? Let your guests be the photographers. SwanScreen is here to help. Completely free.

We've started at late 2014 after reviewing several paid services to do what now SwanScreen does,
we wanted to create something better, and not charge as much for it, or even not at all. slowly but surely - we grew.
today we have thousands of users each month, some have an event like a wedding or a birthday party, or even a corporate event,
and some more frequent users like bars, restaurants and coffeeshops worldwide.

SwanScreen is a live social media feed, including tweets, image tweets, instagram photos and instagram videos.
We're very open to suggestions and if you have anything you want us to add to SwanScreen - email us or message us on facebook

We strongly believe that spreading this free service would provide for awesome entertainment wherever it's needed.

Help us share the fun.