The best hashtag slideshow site gets a new design


Hey all,

A quick update on what we’ve been doing lately:

We’ve been hard at work on adding a few more features, first of which  is a brand new design which we released today (woohoo!).
We’ve also added support for twitter images in the slideshow and we hope you guys like it.

We will add additional features over the coming weeks, many of which have been suggested by you guys.

Up until now we can tell you that SwanScreen is growing every day. we get visitors that look for a social media slideshow for a big event like a wedding (big hit on the dance floor) or birthday parties, and also bars, clubs and even restaurants and shops who just like to display their products on the screens.

We thank you all for the support, keep using SwanScreen and spread the word –
the best online Instagram and Twitter hashtag slideshow – is FREE.



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#Hashtag #Selfie #Wedding

Hashtag Wedding

A study released In November 2013 by Wedding Paper Divas found that the average guest shares 22 photos of the event on social media sites, and 40 percent of those surveyed said social media use was encouraged and a specific wedding hashtag was provided.

Half of guests said they had “checked in” to a wedding on sites like Facebook and Foursquare and 70 percent of Twitter-using guests tweeted about the event while in attendance. When it comes to photo-sharing, 76 percent of guests posted to Facebook and 54 percent used Instagram.

Guests sharing options infographic
Guests sharing infographic

So if your guests are already taking selfies and hashtagging all over the place, it is highly recommended to use that energy and give them a little something in return.
Using SwanScreen as your wedding entertainment form – your guests get the added benefit of posting their tweets, instagram photos and even videos on the big screen.



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Event entertainment 2.0 – First blog post!

OK, so first of all – welcome!

It’s been a short but a busy ride so far, and we’d like to share some of the story about how we got into the event entertainment business.
SwanScreen was officially born on May 2014, but it was originally conceived on October 23rd 2013 at my wedding.

My name is Edo, and I’m the founder of SwanScreen.
So as I said -I got married on October 23rd 2013 and I looked everywhere for some cool attraction for my wedding. I found a few event entertainment solutions, but none seemed to be good enough or cost way too much money.
Being in the web business myself, I built the original instagram slideshow which later came to be SwanScreen and my wedding was socially shared over 250 times.

As of today – SwanScreen was used in over 500 events in over 30 countries!

I believe SwanScreen can be a great entertainment solution for bars, clubs, businesses, weddings and even corporate events.
All you need is a hashtag. Try it –

I hope you enjoy SwanScreen as much as I enjoyed making it.

Edo from team SwanScreen.


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