Event entertainment 2.0 – First blog post!

OK, so first of all – welcome!

It’s been a short but a busy ride so far, and we’d like to share some of the story about how we got into the event entertainment business.
SwanScreen was officially born on May 2014, but it was originally conceived on October 23rd 2013 at my wedding.

My name is Edo, and I’m the founder of SwanScreen.
So as I said -I got married on October 23rd 2013 and I looked everywhere for some cool attraction for my wedding. I found a few event entertainment solutions, but none seemed to be good enough or cost way too much money.
Being in the web business myself, I built the original instagram slideshow which later came to be SwanScreen and my wedding was socially shared over 250 times.

As of today – SwanScreen was used in over 500 events in over 30 countries!

I believe SwanScreen can be a great entertainment solution for bars, clubs, businesses, weddings and even corporate events.
All you need is a hashtag. Try it – swanscreen.com

I hope you enjoy SwanScreen as much as I enjoyed making it.

Edo from team SwanScreen.


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